I am a complete movie freak, so I've decided to start a movie guide, so that my time spent will help others find quality movies. I will provide movie reviews for films that i see in the theatre and that i rent. I will also provide a link list to other sites that provide similar information. Right now i don't plan on going back and covering every movie I've ever seen, but i will go back and cover all/most of the movies I've seen this year, and will add new movies as I see them. And when i get time, or am avoiding a paper, I'll go back and add reviews for older movies.

~~~~~1) This page was started on September 1, 1999, all movies I've seen this year prior to this date are listed in two columns towards the bottom of this page. All movies seen after 9/1 will be listed first in their own columns.

~~~~~2) If you can't find the movie you are looking for in any of the lists, and it was released in the theatre prior to 1/99, feel free to e mail me, if i've seen it i'll be happy to let you know what i think. If it was released in 1999, and it's not listed, i haven't seen it yet.

~~~~~3) I do not watch movies with Jim Carey and/or Cameron Diaz in them, more than likely you will never see their movies listed here.

~~~~~4) Movie titles that have a hyperlink have a review and other additional information.

Outside ProvidenceUsual Suspects, The
Chill Factor---
Mickey Blue Eyes---
For Love of the Game---

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200 Cigarettes
American Pie
Astronauts Wife, The
At First Site
Big Daddy
Blair Witch Project, The
Brokedown Palace
Civil Action, A
Cruel Intentions
Deep Blue Sea
Ed Tv
Forces of Nature
Ideal Husband, An
Midsummer Nights Dream, A
Mod Squad, The
Muse, The
Never Been Kissed
Notting Hill
Other Sister, The
Pushing Tin
Sixth Sense
Star Wars Episode I
Summer of Sam
Varsity Blues
Walk on the Moon, A
American History X
Boogie Nights
Clay Pigeons
Cool Dry Place
Curve, The
Governess, The
How Stella...Groove Back
Icestorm, The
I know...last summer
I still know...last summer
Last Days of Disco
Leading Man
Little Boy Blue
Myth of Fingerprints, The
Practical Magic
Return to Paradise
Slums of Beverly Hills
U Turn
Your Friends and Neighbors

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