Online shopping......I just love it. I probably do it a little too often, but oh well what can i say? I just like to buy randon stuff! I started this page to give my recommendations for places to shop on line. Some of these places I am affiliated with and therefore if you click through from here and buy something i get a small comission. Others are just people i've done business with, and I so enjoyed dealing with them, that i figured I'd put up a link. So, without further ado......Happy Shopping!!!

First the ones I'm NOT affiliated with:

Gryphon's Moon an online jewlery store run by a husband and wife. Great site is you are looking for pagan or celtic jewlery, but they have some other stuff too. Affordable pricing, and if you ever need to deal with them by phone(calling in a credit card, questions, etc.)it's the wife (her name is Kimberly)that answers the phone, and she's super nice! you can find literally almost anything you could ever want here, and if someone isn't auctioning what you are looking for i'll bet someone will be very soon. I have good luck with most buyers that i've done business with. If you come across a buyer with userid "infinite-collectibles" avoid doing business with them unless you are absolutely dying for the item. For a further explanation please e mail me.

more to come

Now the one's I'm affiliated with, I've bought items from all of these places, and have had absolutely no problems with them. They have affordable pricing, and great websites, i hope you find what you are looking for!


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