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General Hospital is a great show, it's had troubles in the last year, but Bob Guza is back and is making a difference. I've been watching GH since Frisco made his return from the dead almost 10 years ago. WIth a cast of seasoned veterans and talented newcomers, GH has the most talented cast in daytime television. The show has won the emmy for best daytime drama for the last three years.


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Stills from Fresh Faces Commercial

GH Links

T&PSC Screen Saver
GH screen savers and more
Reginald Support Staff
help Reginald make another attemp on Kat's life and get away with it
Names for Kat
many posters at PCO hate Kat and have come up with great names for her
Port Charles Online
message boards, chat room, updates, etc
Rei-chan's Homepage
Home of Spencer Fan Club and LLGA, etc
Brenda's Soap Page
Rythems GH page
check out her new page
Robin and Stone 4ever
remembering robin and stone, lots of AIDS info
JOIN The Barf Brigade
the original kat/bat protest
My tribute to S&B
Sonny and Brenda, thanks to those i borrowed pics from
My tribute to L&L
Luke and Laura tribute, under construction
Message Board
post on my board
Save Lois/Rena Campaign
check it out
Rachael's (not me) GH page
lot's of Gh stuff and a sonny and brenda webring
Vanessa Marcil and Tyler Christopher Happiness Page
a page for vanessa and tyler
Port Charles Fan Central
General Hospital fan page
Human Commercial's GH and Spencer Page
visit here
Spencer Cassidine United
for those who like BOTH families
Page for Lucky
a tribute to Lucky Spencer
GH Top 10 lists
MattM's Letterman-like lists
Guardian Angels
listing of the various guardian angel clubs
Gutter Rat's Homepage
club homepage, come join us in the gutter
The Steve Burton Fan Page
club homepage
Suzanne's GH and PC site
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I am...

in the following groups:
Reginal Support Staff- RSS#1 - founder
         -keeper of the day he succeeds
CIAKB- keeper of the day the last Kat Bell scene airs
FOA- Friends of Alexis
SJGA- Sonny and Jason Guardian Angels
    -keeper of sonny's eternal flame for Brenda
    - second keeper of their bad boy mystique
    -**keeper of the day Sonny and Mike said I Love You**
Gutter Rats- GR#66
           - keeper of Alexis' wish that Stefan had aimed 
	     a little higher
The Spencer Fan Club- keeper of Luke's eternal protection of 
                      his family
LLGA- Luke and Laura Guardian Angels
Barf Brigade- founder
            - keeper of the day the crystal
              tree breaks
R&S4ever- Robin and Stone forever
NCGA- keeper of Nik's ability to do a proper flirt
PCBSS- Nik's big sister keeper of his childhood
PCLSS- Sonny's little sister
GFGA- Genie Francis Guardian Angels
    - keeper of her love for her husband