Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pens are my favorite hockey team. They are MY team. Regardless of current standings, be they first or last, i think they're the best. Mario is and always will be the king of hockey. Jagr is the crowned prince. I love the NHL playoffs, it's hockey at it's best. For me the Pens will always be Back to Back Cup champs. Those were amazing seasons.

It's A Great Day For Hockey!

~~~~~~"Badger" Bob Johnson

1999 Playoffs:

Round two vs Toronto
Game One2-0 Pitt
Game Two???
Game Three???
Game Four???
Game Five???
Game Six???
Game Seven???

Round one vs New Jersey
Game One 1-3 NJ
Game Two4-1 Pitt
Game Three4-2 Pitt
Game Four2-4 NJ
Game Five3-4 NJ
Game Six3-2(OT) Pitt
Game Seven4-2 Pitt
Pittsburgh 4-3

When Lemieux retired, WDVE wrote a song about it to the tune of American Pie, go HERE to listen to the song. (it's in Real Audio format)


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