The following is poetry about Katherine Bell and about the "couple from hell", the Kat and the Bat. *******************************************

Oh dear Kat How I wish you were flat Throw yourself under a bus, please don't continue to torture us. Oh KatieBore How you make me snore Why don't you die, Try eating an arsnic laced piece of pie. Reggie used a pill the effect was nill Stefan had a gun And now your his hun. Luke really rocks He said your as bright as a box, A box of hair Me, will you please spare. Hate you I do Why don't you take a shot or two Then slit your wrist You really won't be missed.


There once was a woman maned Kat Who fell in love with a man called the Bat They sat under a tree of crystal Too bad he shot her with a pistol Framing Luke was his plot So he let off a shot He didn't know Blondie was there She ended up in a chair Therapy she could not bare So she started to stare In guilt he became mesmerized By Dimbells big blue eyes They thought it was love Pure like a dove They took to long stares It was truely hard to bare The real Stefan was lost His intelligence was the cost Stefan was in a pit Kat thought she was the shit Eventually she did walk He thought they should toalk Under that tree of crystal Too bad about that pistol Alexis- she's real smart Thinks the Kat's a tart Threw insults with flare Kat took a roll down the stairs Bat now thinks she's his sister Goodbye he said but he missed her Good thing they didn't have sex We'd all be really vexed Cause incest isn't cool Even in the pool She demanded to know why And then began to cry What happened she said Stefan I want you in my bed I really want a reason The answer you gave wasn't decent She wants to know why Using Luke she will try To get some good info She really is a bimbo Lukes got her number Thinks she couldn't be dumber Needs info on the Bat So he'll use the Kat Lukes the coolest by far When he smokes a big smelly cigar With Alexis he chats About he cousin the Bat He thinks she's his equal Will they finally put an end to Patch and Kayla the sequel?