So, you haven't had enough Kate? Well I can't really blame you, she does seriously kick ass. So, this page contains my suggestions for sating your appetite for Kate.
First here's Kate looking like the diva we all know she is:

And here's a picture of pretty Kate that i really like:

I'll be uploading more Kate pics soon, so be sure to check back. In the mean time you might want to check out my Titanic site.

Personally, I like to visit official sites. Here are a few Kate related official movie sites:

Or go HERE for the UK version.

You can visit the Official Sense and Sensibility Site if you want to, but all you'll find is a description of the movie. can give you some info about Holy Smoke, but the IMDB is the only place i can find Plunge info.

The absolute best place to get a Kate fix is at the Kate Winslet Fan Club. This is a comprehensive site with up to date news, archives of articles, tons of pictures, and much much more.

You can also try Stars and Starlettes, they have a large links list of Kate sites, among other celebrites.

Webrings are always a good way to find sites. You could try checking out the sites in my webring. If you have a Kate site, you might consider joining The Ring Around Kate Winslet (my ring).

The following are some of my favorite fan run sites:

Kate the Great -great site, lots of pics

Leonardo And Kate:  Everything you want to know...And more!

The Kate Winslet Web Site -

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