Hi! Thank you for visiting my web page. This page serves as sort of an instruction guide for my site. I wouldn't want you to miss anything! :) So, here goes:

1) On every one of my pages, i have one of these:
This link bar is for the purpose of easy navigation. It's pretty self explanatory.

2)I have created pages dedicated to Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Kate Winslet, Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, RENT, General Hospital, Minnie Driver, Nancy Lee Grahn, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. To view these pages go to my links page. You can get to it from the link bar.

3)My Link page has lots of links to sites that are not mine, you'll find some good sites there.

4)I am always looking for new links to put on my site. E mail me if you are interested in having your site listed. I only make one request, that you link to me. Visit my Exchange Links page for more info.

5)I love to know who visits my websight, so please sign a guest book.

6)I'm always creating new pages and adding to my existing ones, so check back. All additons will be listed on my "new" page. You can get to it from my main page.

7) I love to join webrings and i run 5 of them. If you got here from a webring and want to continue surfing the ring follow the Webring link to my webring index. If you run a webring you think i might be interested in please feel free to let me know about it.

Here's some additional info about me, if you're really interested:

1) I think My So-Called LIfe was the best show ever, and i miss it.

2) Dawson's Creek and Ally McBeal are really good shows, and i think everyone should watch them.

3) I never miss my soap (general hospital) if i can help it.

4)I am in major lust with Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck.

5) I saw Titanic 7 times in the theater.

6) I used to be really obcessed with RENT, i know every word to the entire musical. I finally got to see it this summer.

7)The Penguins are MY team, win or lose.

8)I can be really moody.

9) I'm incredibly shy in real life.

10)I watch the Rugrats.

11) I've probably seen Grease about a million times.

12)I think i'm the only person on the planet who has seen the movie "Sing".

13) I do have interests outside of TV and movies, but they are what i think about to de-stress so that's why the site focuses on them.

14)I am a master procrastinator. This site helps me with this.

Well, i think that's all for now, just thought you might want to know, and if you didn't oh well, you didn't waste that much of your life reading this.