It's Oscar season, an exciting time for anyone who is obsessed with movies like I am. Everyone has their favorites, this page is here to give you the necessary info about the contenders and when and where to watch.

The Oscars will air Sunday March 21st on ABC at 8pm eastern. I believe ABC will be airing the "official" Oscar pre-show. E! as usual will air a 2 hour preshow and then a post show. If you can stomach Joan Rivers I'd watch E!.

Complete Nomination List

Hilary's Thoughts and Picks

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Here's a list of the nominee's in the "major" categories, and some comments on their chances of taking home some Oscar gold.
Nominees Comments
Saving Private Ryan Won the Golden Globe for Best Picture Drama; considered the front runner.
Shakespeare In Love Won Golden Globe for Best Picture Comedy; could upset Private Ryan;cast won SAG for Outstanding Ensemble in a Motion Picture.
Elizabeth Hilary's fave
Life is Beautiful slim chances that a subtitled film will win best picture, but should walk away with Best Foreign Film; has a chance if the war films cancel each other and the elizabethian type films cancel each other
Thin Red Line don't count on it
Tom Hanks has two already in the 90's; likely winner if the academy is nice to Private Ryan.
Roberto Benigni not considered a likely candidate, but then he won the SAG for Outstanding Male Actor in a Motion Picture.
Sir Ian McKellen likely candidate; if he wins would be the first openly gay actor to do so
Nick Nolte also a likely candidate, especially if the Academy decides to go American
Edward Norton his nomination was a surprise, a win would be a shock
Cate Blanchett won Golden Globe for Best Actress Drama; likely candidate; according to E!'s Ted Cassablanca everyone he's talked to has voted for her.
Gwyneth Paltrow won Golden Globe for Best Actress Comedy; won SAG for Outstanding Female Actor in a Motion Picture; some consider her the favorite; as likely a candidate as Blanchett.
Fernanda Montenegro long shot; only one other has won best actress for a role in a subtitled movie
Meryl Streep she has 10 previous nominations and 2 wins; probably won't be her year.
Emily Watson probably not
James Coburn E! online says more than likely no, i don't know enough about him to say.
Ed Harris won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor; considered the frontrunner
Robert Duvall won the SAG for supporting male actor
Billy Bob Thornton Harris' toughest competition; it could happen
Geoffrey Rush doesn't have a big chance, but if the Academy decides to be nice to Shakespeare in Love, you never know.
Brenda Blethyn don't think so
Kathy Bates won the SAG for supporting female actor; past Best Actress winner; Academy board member; could be.
Rachel Griffiths probably not
Judi Dench very likely
Lynn Redgrave won the Golden Globed for Best Supporting Actress; has a chance.

Comments are based on the Golden Globe and SAG results and things i've read in various places such as E! Online and Entertainment Weekly. They don't necessarily represent my opinion, and they don't necessarily mean anything.

Here are my picks in some of the categories (the ones i'd like to see win, not necessarily the ones i think will win):

Best Picture Saving Private Ryan or
Shakespeare in Love
Best Actor Tom Hanks
Best Actress Gwyneth Paltrow
Best Supp. Actor Ed Harris
Best Supp. Actress Judi Dench
Best Original Song I Don't Want to Miss A Thing
Best Director Steven Spielberg
Original Screenplay Shakespeare in Love

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