The Reginald Support Staff is dedicated to supporting Reginald in his effort to eliminate Katherine Bell. We want his mission to be successful, so, our mission to to provide him with anything and everything he may need, from means and opportunity, to a legal defense fund.

Katherine Bell is the most annoying useless character ever to hit daytime TV. Katherine, bastard daughter of a cook and the man she worked for, came to town as Katherine Crawford to scam Scotty out of his money, but being as she's not so bright Lucy was easily able to catch on. She went on to (try to) blackmail the Q's, cause the Nurses Ball to lose money, kick Annabell, be mean to Lila, use the Nurses ball as a social climbing experience, among others. Now she's got her hooks in the Spencer/Cassadine story and like always she's ruining it. She's been poisoned which caused her to fall down a case of stairs, she's been shot which caused paralysis(and a truely agonizing(for the fans) recovery story), she's rolled down the steps at Wyndamere, and she's fallen off a parapet, WHY ISN'T SHE DEAD???? Katherine Bell is not a character that is at all likeable, and she's not a love to hate character, she's a why the hell do they bother to write for her kind of character.

He's hated her since she terrorized the Q mansion the first time. He tried to kill her(the poisoning)once and was almost successful. I actually thought TPTB had wised up and were going to off her. Now she's back at the mansion it's time for Reggie to try again. And this time HE WILL SUCCEED!

members and keeperships/donations

RSS#1- Rachel- founder, $10,000 donation to legal defense fund, - keeper of the day he succeeds

RSS#7- SIP- Keeper of Reggie's Poison: Stronger Potion this time.

RSS#10- Abbey- keeper of the grease Reggie will spread on the front stairs (while informing the family to use the back stairs)

RSS#12- Tiffany- keeper of an alibi for Reg so that he can get away with it

RSS#18- Anglee- keeper of the aresenic that Mrs Lansbary gives to Reggie to Kill Kat

RSS#19- Tricia- is donating mercury, concentrated hydrochloric acid, cyanide, and any flamable alcohol Reggie may need

RSS#77-Lobster- keeper of the Crystal Scalpel, the Big Bang (small tactical nuclear weapon in a suitcase)

RSS#128- Bree- $7500 for the fund -keeper of Reggie's saracstic comments to It....umm.....kat

Lisa- Keeper of the day Kat DIES, for good!!

clar- keeper of some of Mrs L's unused Arsenic and Old Lace

Want to join? Send an email to rachel with what you want your keepership and/or donation to be, and choose an RSS number.

This page is under construction, more to come soon! If you know where i can find more pics of Reggie let me know!

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