December 24th 9pm eastern standard time from here on in i shoot without a script see if anything comes of it instead of my old song glory one some before i go glory one song to leave behind......would you light my candle?.... I should tell you I should tell you I should NO! another time another place...... but sweet kisses I've got to spare, i'll be be there and i'll cover you..... only thing to do is jump over the people living with, living with, living with, not dying from disease, let thee amoung us without sin be the first to condemn, LA VIE BOHEME.......

RENT IS COMING TO PITTSBURGH IN MAY 98!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I've got tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for a year and a half to see this musical. I would have sold my soul to th devil to see the original broadway cast, but more than anything i just wanted to see the show. It blows my mind that i actually have tickets to it.

Rent is the best coolest kick ass musical ever written. Jonathan Larson is a genius. I love RENT, i love the music, the lyrics, the meanings, everything. RENT means very much to me and this is my small humble tribute to it.

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Best RENT site on the Net, it'll be up and running again soon

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