Urban Legend- a modern day folktale that appears mysteriously and 
              spreads spontaneously in various forms, containing 
              elements of humor or horror (the horror often "punishes"
              someone who flouts society's morals and conventions).
              Urban legends often have basis in fact, but are intriguing
              because of their ever-changing lives after the fact.

Urban Legend is a new horror movie about a group of college students who fall prey to a serial killer who has decided to make the "urban legends" reality. I love a good scary movie and this did it for me. I jumped at least ten times during the movie. It's not as scary as the original Scream, but it's a good movie, it doesn't suck like Scream 2 or I know what you did last summer. I went with a group of friends from my dorm and we were all paranoid and waiting for someone to come and off us when we got back to our dorm. I personally gave Hilary a good scare.

Part of what made the movie enjoyable was that two actors who i like very much were in it Jared Leto (Jordan Catalano!!!!) and Joshua Jackson (Pacey, yes I am A Creek Freak, I admit it). Also staring in the movie were Alicia Witt from Cybil, Rebecca Gayhart (the noxema girl, she also used to be on Loving), Tara Reid, Michael Rosenbaum, and Robert (freddy kruger) Englund.

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