What's New....

Any time I update any one of my pages, I'll list on this page the date and what changes i made. Most recent changes will be listed first.

8/29- gave the main page a drastic makeover; renamed the site Rachel's Insanity; much new stuff is on the way!!!

8/22- Well I'm back from summer vacation, about to start my last semester of college. I didn't make any changes to the page during the summer, lots of changes should be coming soon! The only new info i have right now, is that Rachel's World was picked as a Crazy Dragon COOLsite for July 99, the award can be seen here.

4/22- decorated for the playoffs, LET'S GO PENS!!!!; made a few other alterations to the main page; my ben site was included in march 99's Net100; did some work on my Penguins page, for the first time since i like started this site, check it out; created a playoff page.

4/19- had a migraine, couldn't do any real work, but was bored out of my mind so i completely redid my Kate Winslet page. I also added a new Kate linkspage.

4/10- I changed my Minnie Driver page, i added new pic, text, and links, with more to come soon. I also moved the page to tripod, it can be found here.

4/9- My Ben Affleck site won it's first award. You can check out my awards page here.
And here's something i forgot to add to this page. Rachel's World is hosting the official web site for The Blurbologist Review. The Blurbologist Review is a fan run newsletter about the movie Forces of Nature.

3/28- I started the Forces of Nature Webring, want to join?

3/23- to my Ben page i added another FON pic and a pic from this years academy awards.

3/14- added a pic from the SAG awards to my Ben page.

2/24- put a link on my main page to my Oscar site. I finally mastered the art of using tables!!!

2/22- added a Forces of Nature link and pics to my ben site. Thanks to Hilary for letting me use her scanner.

2/14- Happy Valentines Day!!! Today i gave the main page a make over and altered what used to be "a message from rachel", it's now "more information about this site".

2/13- added School Ties picture and link for 200 Cigarettes to the Ben page; reorganized webring index; changed quote on main page; added pacey and andie thing to main page; and moved link bar to top of main page.

2/7- Started the Ring Around Shakespeare in Love want to join?

1/23- changed the images for a few things that wer showing up as broken icons; added a wedding pic to the kate winslet page

1/11- was notified that Rachel's world was included in the December 98 Net100, added the graphic to my awards and listed pages.

1/10/99- took down holiday decorations; added a Shakespeare In Love picture and link to the official site to my Ben page.

12/6- won an award for my Kate page and for my Titanic page; decorated for the holidays.

10/17- added a few links to my Ben Affleck site. Made a few alterations to my kate page.

10/11-added Idina Menzel sound files to the main page. A while ago i added links to my great pages page but i forgot to put them here, so there are now 2 view askew links and an indina menzel link on my Great Links Page

10/2- all new general hospital photo gallery, tons of pictures, you can get to it from my GH page. I also worked on my Nancy Lee Grahn page.

9/27- started to build an Urban Legend site, and I started the Urban Legend Webring

9/26- my kate page won another award!!

9/19- fixed and added to my luke and laura and my sonny and brenda tributes. I finally finished my Titanic page, at least for now. Added "A message from Rachel"

9/18- altered the main page a bit

9/14- won an award, took over ownership of the Ring Around Kate Winslet Webring

9/13- Added new banners to the links exchange page, want to exchange links? Go HERE

9/12- Changed my main page, rearranged the links page, created this page. If any of you are frequent Rachel's World visitors and miss my old main page, or if you are new and would like to see what my main page looked like, go Here

9/11- won 2 awards for my Kate page; added links and more pictures to my Kate page, added more pics and links to my ben page